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When designing an Art Deco home office, we need to consider both function and form. You can create a beautiful, stylish office with the storage and space you need to stay productive and organized. This post includes our top ten must-haves for a modern, Art Deco inspired home office space that you will love walking into every morning.

Art Deco Home Office

If you’re inspired by the geometric shapes, bold colors, and luxurious textures of art deco, your home office is the perfect room to indulge. After all, your office space is likely one of the most used rooms in the house – rivaling only the bedroom and perhaps, your kitchen.

Below are our favorite Art Deco home office dΓ©cor selections, plus tips for selecting pieces and what to look for when designing a stylish, functional workspace.

1. Art Inspired Color & Textures

Before you start picking out furniture for your Art Deco home office, consider the colors and textures you want to pull into the room. Frequently, Art Deco dΓ©cor includes bold pops of bright colors set against larger, neutral earth toned spaces. Other designs might be centered around whites, glass, and gold or have more daring, rich wall color. Textures could include hard wood furniture contrasting with softer, overstuffed seating. Or you might desire a more minimalist approach with graphic elements and geometric patterns.

The colors and textures you select will be the foundation for your room and determine the mood and feel of the space. If you’re unsure about where to begin, one place to find inspiration is in art. So let’s start there.

Selecting a piece of artwork for your room can be the jumping off point for your color, texture, and design choices. If you find a piece that you love and create your room around it, you can’t go wrong! You can find a variety of Art Deco inspired prints and pieces for your home office from online retailers and possibly from local artisans near you. Below are some framed pieces from The Local Vault, luxury home consignment.

home office wall art 1
home office wall art 2

2. Art Deco Desk: Centerpiece of Your Home Office

For most of us working from home, the desk is the centerpiece of our office. It is where we spend a great deal of time and thus should be both functional and a stylish piece that you love. When selecting a desk, first consider its use and placement.

Do you need storage drawers or a large, flat working area? Do you prefer a desk with adjustable height to sit and stand? Will the desk hold your computer and other tech equipment, and/or will you need to conceal cords? Do you host clients at your desk and would need seating on both sides? Or will the desk be against a wall or in the corner?

Once you have a picture in your mind about how you will be using the desk, it’s time to find an appropriate piece of furniture to meet both your working and design needs.

3. Desk Chair

Art Deco is a versatile style that is perfect for your home office because you do not need to sacrifice comfort for design. Your desk chair needs to be comfortable and supportive, and you will find many Art Deco inspired solutions that meet your needs. If you are looking for bold, bright pops of color in your office, a colorful desk chair set against a neutral toned glass or wood desk is a popular choice.

Art Deco Desk Chairs for Home Office
Find a selection of comfortable, modern desk chairs in neutral and bold colors from Eternity Modern.

4. Art Deco Themed Desk & Home Office Accessories

Whether you like a clear desk with everything put away or to keep your tools at hand, a coordinating set of desk accessories is a must. Popular Art Deco themed accessories include linear metallic elements and geometric patterns. You can mix and match these elements or choose a coordinated set to flow with your chosen colors and textures.

Desk Accessories
We love the Russell + Hazel acrylic & metallic designs from The Container Store.

5. Shelves

Book shelves or other open shelving are often needed in a home office and should not detract from the design of the room. Fortunately, a variety of Art Deco inspired shelving is available for your home office. Consider, again, the functionality of the pieces you select. A stall statement shelf can be a beautiful addition as well as lower shelving that might fit under a window or give you space for decorative items and plants.

6. Additional Storage

You may have the need for additional storage space to store equipment, technology, or files. For this we recommend cabinetry or closed door storage. Don’t be afraid to repurpose an item that you love. Many closed storage items may be designed for other spaces like a bar or cart, however it could be just the piece to fit in your home office. Check out the beautiful selection of sideboards and chests from The Local Vault, luxury home consignment.

Art Deco Sideboard
Art Deco Chests

7. Art Deco Inspired Lighting for Your Home Office

You have many options for Art Deco inspired lighting in your home office space. From a delicate desk lamp to an overhead chandelier. Be sure to choose lighting that will fit your needs any time of day or night, and illuminate all of the spaces you need to work and see clearly. If you have limited table top space or low ceilings, consider using wall sconces to brighten up every corner of your room.

8. Additional Seating

If you often host clients or meet with employees in your home office, you will need additional seating. This may be on the opposite side of your desk or you might want to create a conversation area where you can sit together away from your desk. If you are creating a separate area to host guests, be sure to include a table-top space where they can rest their belongings and a drink. Be sure conversation areas allow you access to your computer or any equipment you may need during your meetings.

Art Deco Home Office
Eternity Modern offers a variety of seating and table options perfect for a home office of any size.

9. Area Rugs

A beautiful area rug can warm up your room and bring the space together. If you have a large home office, use area rugs to define different sections of the room. Wherever you are using area rugs, be sure to choose rugs that can comfortably accommodate your furniture. One of the biggest and most frequent design mistakes is selecting area rugs that are too small. Rugs should extend beyond the edges of the furniture and leave room to slide a chair back without falling off the edge. Finally, be sure to choose a low pile if you are using a rug under a rolling chair or cart.

Art Deco Home Office Area Rugs
Browse a selection of Art Deco inspired area rugs for your home office on Macys.com.

10. Backdrops

You may have already selected art for your room, if not consider adding a few Art Deco inspired prints. These are especially lovely when placed behind your desk to provide a backdrop for video conferencing. Additionally, if your desk is in front of a window, consider a room divider or floor-length curtains. These can be placed to minimize too-bright-backlighting. We found a beautiful selection of room dividers and floor-length curtains in every color at Macys.

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