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Modern interiors inspired by mid-20th century art & design.

Form + Functionality

Minimal style meets maximum comfort in sleek, uncluttered mid-century modern design. Plush materials and smooth, curved lines contrast perfectly with sculptural elements and geometric shapes, creating airy, inviting interiors perfect for every space from high style offices to your humble home.

Mid-century modern pattern

Bold Lines + Colors

Inspired by expressionist and pop art movements of the 1950s and 60s, you’ll find geometric patterns, organic shapes, and bright pops of color. These bold elements are complemented by spacious, light neutrals which gives this style versatility without feeling gaudy or stark.

Mid-century modern clock

A Dash of Whimsy

Mid-century modern design would not be complete without a little kitsch. Playful patterns and design, whimsical accessories inspired by the “atomic” style of the 1960s, and colorful abstract prints give mid-century modern décor a punch of personality.

Hi, I'm Daphne

I created this site to share my love of interior design and passion for mid-century modern style. 

On Mid Century Lovers you’ll find inspiration, design tips, and jaw dropping modern makeovers for every interior space.

Whether you’re looking for little touches of mod or transforming your entire space, you’re right where you belong.

Meet Daphne
Meet Daphne

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